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Wednesday 16 November

8:30 -10:00 - International College (IC) in Ras Beirut
Guest writers visit IC in Ras Beirut.

11:30 -13:00 - Toulouse school in Hadath (Southern part of Beirut)
Guest writers visit Toulouse school in Hadath.

13:00 Leave Beirut to the South of Lebanon, Sour (Tyre)

16:30 -17:30 – A Walking Tour of Sour (Tyre)
“Discovering Tyre through the Eyes of its Poet”
A walking tour in Tyre guided by Abbass Beydoun. Visit the ruins. The  guest authors will receive a copy of Beydoun’s poem Sour (Tyre).

17:30 -19:00 - Al Montada athaqafi, Sour (Tyre)
“Remembered Stories Remembered Places”
The role of memory in writing: discussion and readings in the Cultural Forum of Tyre (al Montada Athaqafi, Sour)
Participants: Abbass Beydoun, Usha Kuniga Ramaswamy and Martijn Knol
Moderator: Youssef Bazzi

All events are open to the public except school visits.
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