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PEN Lebanon has invited several international writers. Also invited are:
Ton van de Langkruis, the Director of the Association of “Writers Unlimited” in the Hague (Click Here) and
Djuke Poppinga, the Arabic Dutch translator and university lecturer on Arabic Literature

Profiles and photos of Writers (both international and Lebanese):
(Found on 4 separate pages, alphabetically):

Click Here for Sawsan al Abtah to Youssef Bazzi
Click Here for Abbas Beydoun to Hussam Itani
Click Here for Hala Kawtharani to Vamba Sherif
Click Here for Alawiyah Sobh to Khaled Ziadeh

أربعة كتّاب من العالم بجولة في لبنان

تحت عنوان "طرق الحوار"، تستقبل جمعية "القلم" الثقافية - لبنان PEN Lebanon، على مدى أسبوع، أربعة كتّاب عالميين من 13 إلى 20 تشرين الثاني 2016، يتعرف فيها الضيوف
.على الكتّاب اللبنانيين، ويشاركون معهم في جلسات حوار، مفتوحة للجميع، تُعقد في الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت
كما يقومون معاً بزيارات إلى المدارس والتحدث إلى طلاب الثانويات في أنحاء لبنان. وهذا وستُعقد جلسات نقاش مع الأدباء الضيوف واللبنانيين في مدينتي طرابلس وصور وفي عاليه
.والشوف والبقاع، وفي كل نشاط، سيقرأ الأدباء من أعمالهم
.الأدباء الضيوف هم فامبا شريف من ليبيريا ,مارتين كنول من هولندا، أوشا كونيغا راماسوامي من الهند، وويتولد جابلوسكي من بولندا.

Tour Summary
The Tour takes place over 6 days (14-19 November).

It is divided into two groups of days:

Monday 14 till Tuesday 15:

Mostly panels and talks in the American University of Beirut

Wednesday 16 till Saturday 19:  

Visits to Lebanese regions guided by Lebanese writers followed by a panel or a reading. This activity is special in its meaning. It is to remember and introduce places through traces of literary books.

For details of the events, timing, locations, participations and moderators,

click on the link in the last column in each row.

All events are open to the public except school visits and the first brainstorming meeting on morning of 14.


DateTypeSummaryFor More Details
14 November 2016
Panel DiscussionsWriters meet, Panels 1 and 2 in AUBClick Here

15 November 2016
Panels 3, 4 and 5 in AUBClick Here
16 November 2016
Visits to regions with Lebanese Writers Visit to the International College, Toulouse School in Hadath, Sour (Tyre) in the South and Al Montada Al Thaqafi (in Sour).
17 November 2016
Visits to regions with Lebanese Writers
Visit to Aley, the Maroun Abbud Secondary School Library, Baakline Secondary School, Deir Al Qamar and back to Shaker Palace in Aley.
18 November 2016
Visits to regions with Lebanese Writers
Whole day trip to Tripoli. First the Faculty of Social Sciences in the Lebanese University then a visit to the Old City of Tripoli.
19 November 2016
Visits to regions with Lebanese Writers
Visit to the Bekaa Valley then to Baalbek and its Museum. Back to Beirut for readings in Bathish Theater in AUB.
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