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Monday 14 November 2016

10:00 ­- 12:00 -­ Welcome - Auditorium B1, College Hall, AUB
“A welcome word from PEN Lebanon, Writers Unlimited”.
Writers present themselves. Informal brainstorming discussions around the general theme of the tour: ways of dialogue.
Moderator: Iman Humaydan
15:00 - 16:30 - Panel 1 -­ Auditorium B1, College Hall, AUB
“Conflict and Power in Modern Times”
How do people of different cultures deal with conflict in different times? And what is the role of literature in this debate? Readings, panel discussion and discussion with the public.
Participants: Hussam Itani, Sahar Mandour, Usha Kuniga Ramaswamy and Witold Szablowski
Moderator: Dr. Bilal Orfali
17:00 - 19:00 - Panel 2 - Auditorium B1, College Hall, AUB
“Changing Ideologies: Changes in Literature?”
In what way do the rise of extremism, fundamentalism, the rise of nationalist and populist and religious movements influence literature?
Participants: Martijn Knol, Issa Makhlouf and Vamba Sherif
Moderator: Youssef Bazzi

All events are open to the public except school visits (and the 10:00 Guest Writers Meet above).
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